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Walk Through Magical Woodland Posted On 03 December 2021


Meet Santa!


Is there a better way to spend a December weekend than getting some fresh air, wandering through a magical woodland, and keeping the magic of Christmas alive for yourself or your little ones? Dobbies garden centre at Atherstone offers just this experience. 


Santa's Grotto is one of the most loved festive experiences at Dobbies. Why not bring your little ones along to walk through the magical outdoor woodland, spotting the Christmas characters along the way? You will then be welcomed by Santa himself, plus receive a special gift. Should you wish, you can also purchase a lasting memory of your visit to Santa’s Grotto with a special photo. Booking in advance will ensure numbers are kept manageable and that Santa has the perfect gift for you (or your child). Dobbies explains that Santa has selected a range of toys, suitable for different ages.


The Grotto is already open so you can visit this weekend, however from 2.30pm on Friday 10th December, Dobbies are able to offer visits for children with additional needs.  These sessions can only be pre-booked, with no queuing on the day and a reduced number of families attending in each slot. During your visit, all music is off, twinkling lights are removed or switched off, you can choose to have your child’s gift wrapped or not. Prior to your visit, Dobbies will email a photo of your specific Grotto to prepare children for what they will see on the day. Dobbies have worked with the charity Autism Together to support their Santa School training and aim to bring a magical experience for all.


If you're more about your fur baby than an actual baby, your furry friend can enjoy a selfie with Santa and get a special treat to take away. Plus, if you want the complete family experience you can now include a children’s ticket, allowing them to receive their Santa gift at the same time. Dobbie's notes that Santa has picked a range of toys, suitable for different dog sizes.


For all festive activities booking is essential and subject to availability. Book online: https://events.dobbies.com/events-by-venue/?v=3 to ensure you don't miss out!


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