How Do I Increase The Value of My Property?

There are many reasons you should increase the value of your property, whether you’re looking to put it on the market, remodelling for yourself or for future tenants. At Carters Estate Agents, we know there are a variety of different ways to increase the value within different budgets. Here are 5 ways to increase the value to suit a range of different needs and budgets.

Structural Integrity

exterior of alley way of houses

A very simple and effective way to improve your property, in the long run, is to repair any key structural issues. Although they are likely to be quite expensive, they are a guaranteed way to add value, whilst also increasing its longevity. So whether it is rising damp, a leaking roof, cracks, rotten joists or roof timbers, it would be beneficial to fix it.

Remodelling & Installations

round table with 5 chairs inside


Completely overhauling and remodelling your home is a sure way to enhance the value albeit, it is likely to be a very costly one. Deciding on a remodel means you can completely change the look and feel of the property and ensure you’re maximising the potential of the space available. Adding a conservatory is a great way to create more living space, creating a spare room allows the home to be ideal for larger families or create space for guests.


white and grey bathroom with twin sink

A less costly and therefore more accessible option is to makeover the current rooms. Replacing old appliances and electricals, such as fridges and cookers in the kitchen, in the bathroom, a new toilet, sink or even a new bath, are all great small changes you can make at a lower cost. Even less drastic changes, such as changing light structures or adding mirrors can also enhance your home. 

Garden Improvements

garden furniture with 6 seats and table

Regardless of the size of your garden, making improvements and ensuring it is looking it’s best when the property is viewed, is an exceptional way to increase the value of any home. Update any old or dated fencing, ensure they offer maximum privacy and security, this will improve kerbside appeal too. Consider adding garden structures such as a pergola or gazebo, creating the perfect summer sanctuary. Add some furniture and potentially a BBQ to establish a designated function for every space, this can create the illusion of a bigger garden. 


Front of House

red and white exterior of property

Improving the outside of your home is a key way to make a strong, positive first impression. We’d recommend a fresh coat of paint and maybe a new door. If you have a front garden, ensure the grass is mowed and neat, paint or replace any fencing.

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